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Manifesto against bullfighting


In the run-up to the European elections on June 6, the International Anti-Bullfighting Network together with some European members of the Network, has drawn up a manifesto against bullfighting. We call on candidate members of the European Parliament to sign the manifesto and to speak out against bullfighting.


Sign our manifesto against bullfighting | Picture: CAS/AnimaNaturalis

Bullfighting still takes place in 8 countries, of which three in the EU – Spain, Portugal and France – and five in Latin America. Every year, about 200 million euros of European agricultural subsidies are spent on breeding bulls for bullfighting and bull fiestas. Bullfighting and bull fiestas cause a lot of animal suffering and bulls do not survive a fight. It is an unfair fight that the bull always loses and in which he is killed in a slow and painful manner. Moreover, the meat is offered for human consumption.

In Spain, Portugal (from the age of 16) and France, minors are allowed to attend cruel events involving bulls, such as bullfights, which expose them to horrific animal suffering and violence. Back in 2014, the United Nations urged countries to keep children under 18 away from this violence.

Maite van Gerwen, director of CAS International, co-founder of the network:

“Agricultural subsidies, animal welfare and children’s rights are all issues where the EU can play a role. We therefore call on future MEPs to get to work on these issues after the elections in June. By signing the manifesto, they can indicate their commitment to this cause.”

Candidate MEPs who want to commit themselves to ending bullfighting can read and sign the manifesto on the website of the International Anti-Bullfighting Network.

Do you know any candidates who might (also) want to do this? If so, ask them to sign and share the manifesto.