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About the Network

The International Anti-Bullfighting Network (hereinafter, the Network) is a global network for the abolition of bullfighting in all its forms and manifestations. The term ‘bullfighting’ means: any activity (including festivals), in which bulls/cows are stressed, exhausted, injured and/or killed for sport, entertainment or celebration. Bullfights and spectacles with bulls take place in Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Colombia,  Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. In countries like Costa Rica and Paraguay similar cruel spectacles take place.

Members of the Network in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain), November 2023 | Picture: International Anti-Bullfighting Network

The Network consists of more than 100 organizations in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Germany, The Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, etc. Among them are several international organizations with hundred of thousands of members and sympathizers. In fact, the Network is represented by millions of sympathizers. The International Anti-Bullfighting Network exists since 2007.

The Network serves to stimulate and facilitate cooperation and knowledge-sharing between its members. It serves to provide broad international support for local campaigns and to initiate and execute joint campaigns. Every year the Network gathers in its International Anti-Bullfighting Summit.