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What is the current situation in France?

The bullfighting industry in France seems to be regressing, despite a few isolated successes in terms of audience. In most bullrings, frequentation is smaller than previous years (not taking into account the Covid years). As an example, the last feria in Arles in September 2023, one of the most followed in France, could gather 15 000 spectators for 30 000 seats according to pro-bullfight medias. Likewise, the bullfight organized in Mejanes in October could gather 1000 people for 4200 seats. An attempt to organize bullfights in Perols, a small town close to Montpellier, was blocked by a court decision lead by several antibullfight NGOs.

However, a major drawback has to be mentioned, the attempt in November 2022 by MP Aymeric Caron (LFI) to submit a law project to abolish bullfighting. Caron finally withdrew his project because of several hundred obstruction amendments files by only a dozen MPs.

What kind of bullfights/festivals with bulls take place in France?

Two major bull festivities exist in France : bullfights and traditional festivities where “games” are made with bulls without hurting or killing them.

Data such as the number of bullfights, surveys, etc.

Approximately 150 bullfights are organized in France every year, in a total of 65 cities.

And successes of the anti-bullfighting campaign in France.

The major success is the regression of the number of bullfights plus the number of spectators. This is due to two main reasons: financial crisis and disinterest of the audience, partly because of field actions by antibullfight NGOs explaining the cruelty of bullfights, partly because bullfight is more and more seen as outdated and old fashioned.